Why Choose Us?

We have the service, the stock and the best prices online.

There are hundreds of companies out there claiming to be the biggest and best and the cheapest but the truth of the matter is… we are! No, all jokes aside we pride ourselves on great customer service, having super high stocks and we keep a very close eye on all our product prices and the competition to ensure we are delivering the best materials at the best price. We are one of those companies who encourage you to call us rather than trying to avoid answering the phone, and aim to leave you fully informed and answer all your questions so you know exactly what you need to know.

And if you don’t believe us give us a call or even better call into our showroom and visit us for yourself. You will see that we aren’t just a man with a mobile in a portakabin (no disrespect), claiming to be bigger than we are. We operate under the cosy wing of the very successful Prices Paving & Tile Ltd and are proud to host the online shop for their best selling products.

  • Our nature reserve

  • Our mega stock yard

  • Our lovely village location

  • Our awesome products