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    Kiln Dried Hardwood Ash Logs

    £139.99 including vat & UK delivery*

    *some exclusions apply - please see delivery chart for more information.

    £139.99 Delivered to Many Areas

  • Mount Grace Priory1

    Mount Grace Priory

    Only £48.18m2 inc VAT!

    16.2m2 single size packs

    £780.48 Delivered to Many Areas

  • Napoleons Charter 1

    Napoleon’s Charter

    Only £44.40m2 inc VAT!

    16.93m2 Single Size Pack 840x560mm

    £751.69 Delivered to Many Areas

  • the-peaky-blinder3

    The Peaky Blinder

    Only £43.20m2 inc VAT!

    16.2m2 Single size Pack 600x900mm

    £699.84 Delivered to Many Areas

  • Old Cairo City 1

    Old Cairo City

    Only £46.80m2 inc VAT!

    17.82m2 single size pack

    £833.98 Delivered to Many Areas

  • Cleopatra 3


    Only £43.20m2 inc VAT!

    18.72m2 3 Size Pack

    £808.70 Delivered to Many Areas

  • jerusalem-greygold-tum2

    Jerusalem Grey Gold

    Only £57.60m2 inc VAT!

    21.6m2 in a pack

    £1,244.16 Delivered to Many Areas

  • Jura Grey Honed Gila  1

    Jura Grey Honed

    Only £49.20m2 inc VAT!

    18m2 3 Size Pack

    £885.60 Delivered to Many Areas

  • classic-light-tumbled1

    Classic Light Tumbled Limestone

    Only £28.80m2 inc VAT!

    24m2 4 Size Pack

    £691.20 Delivered to Many Areas

Making every floor a stone floor (or wall of course)

From travertine to marble, limestone to slate, we have a superb range of tiles for anywhere in the home. From subtle and sophisticated limestones right through to wild and wacky marbles in contrasting colours. Here at Priceless Paving, we act as a clearing house for quarries and suppliers from across the world. The tiles we are selling are often job lots and excess stock remaining from huge renovation projects, on such as a hotel, airport or shopping mall. Read More »

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