17.5m2 Single Size Patio Pack 900x600x20mm

Porcelain Paving

Warm beige and cream shades make up this natural stone effect porcelain paving slab. With the appearance of a lightly riven, textured effect, but in fact to touch it is relatively smooth with a slight undulation, this is practical and functional for more sensitive use such as with tables and chairs, wheelchairs, scooters, bicycles, children and pets. You can have a truly natural looking product with very little maintenance required due to the fantastic attributes of a porcelain product! It is not porous and will not absorb water which can lead to algae and black spots.

This porcelain paving slab is perfect for use outdoors for patios and paths. The full bodied material means it will still look great in your garden after years of enjoyment, plus it is very hardwearing.

So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy your Jasmine paving which is not only easy to lay, but very easy on the eye!

600 x 900 x 20mm

We now stock Bullnosed Steps 900x330x20mm and Step Risers/ Border pieces 900x160x20mm.

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Price Per Crate (including delivery to many areas):

£486.99 inc


  • P1100478s
  • P1100479s
  • Jasmine 2s
  • Jasmine 3s
  • Jasmine 4s
  • Jasmine 5s
  • Jasmine 1s
  • PACK COVERAGE: 17.5m2 including joint allowance
    THICKNESS: Calibrated 20mm


    Slab size (mm) No. of pieces per pack
    900x600x20mm 32
  • Full Bodied (body colour matches glaze)
  • Non-porous
  • Doesn’t require sealing
  • Can be laid inside and outside
  • Can be installed using various methods
  • Ultra Versatile
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Very Hardwearing
  • Light Undulating Textured Surface
  • Multi-face Technology for natural stone appearance

Full bodied glazed porcelain is an ideal material for making patio paving. This is because it boasts fantastic attributes such as being non-porous and very hardwearing. It is virtually maintenance free, the slabs are reusable and they can be laid in various methods including on pedestals if there is any pipework or wiring to go underneath. Full bodied refers to the body colour of the porcelain; it has been produced so that the body colour matches the surface colour, to give a much more natural appearance if any cuts or edges are visible, or of course after years of use, if any damage or chips have been caused.

Postcode Area - If yours is not listed please call us for our very best prices on 05603 447972 Price
CA DT E EC LA LD N NW SE SW TQ W WC £15.60 Per Crate
DG EH EX FK G KA (1-26, 29) KY LL ML PA (1-19) PL SA SY3+ TA TD TR £27.60 Per Crate
AB DD KW IV *(some exclusions apply) £51.60 Per Crate
  • Do I need to be there?

    Yes you need to be on site to sign for the delivery for security reasons. The courier cannot deliver without a signature. A builder or neighbour can sign for the delivery; it does not have to be the customer. If the delivery fails because there is no one available to sign, there are additional charges incurred to have the goods redelivered.

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  • Will I be given a time slot for delivery?

    No. The service is an all-day booking so the delivery can arrive at any time between 8am and 6pm. You need to have someone on hand to sign for the goods  – this can be a neighbour or builder. The driver is given a limited time slot to deliver within so please ensure this person is on site and contactable.

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  • Can the driver call me enroute?

    By default we put special notes on every consignment for the driver to call you enroute, however this is not a guaranteed part of their service. Generally they will, but don’t rely on this phonecall to be there to sign for it. If a driver arrives on site and there is no one around, he will then make a call, at the very latest upon arrival. If no one is available within 5 minutes he will have to leave site.

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  • Do you split packs?

    Yes we do. The prices on this website are calculated as full crates only but we do split packs so you can order any quantity you like, or combine your order with other products. The pricing structure will be different to the prices we have advertised but not by much. To calculate a specific quantity / combined order, please give us a call or send us an email.

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  • How to calculate your quantity?

    To calculate your quantity, you simply multiply the length by the width of your area. You should also allow an additional 10% extra on top of this area which is for cuts, wastage and the odd breakage which can occur on site, or in transit. For very complex designs there may be more cuts and you may need more, or for very simple shapes you may get away with slightly less however you should always have a little extra when dealing with natural stone tiles and flags.

    Everything we sell is per metre squared or per ‘m2’. This is a calculation of the area coverage. Once, in the not so distant past, someone ordered a 15m2 patio pack expecting it to be 15m x 15m (£225m2) so they were quite aghast when one patio pack showed up to find that ‘m2’ was the area coverage and the couple of hundred pounds they paid would sadly not cover 225m2. We have faith that our customers are bright as a button and couldn’t possibly make an error of this epic proportion but we just thought it was worth mentioning!

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  • How to lay your paving slabs?

    Most of our patio paving slabs have been cut with a slightly chamfered edge meaning one side is a smaller, chiselled surface area and the other side is a bigger, flatter surface. The slabs are intended to be laid with the smaller, chiselled surface on the underside, which allows more mortar to squeeze up towards the joints. This gives a better adhesion of the slabs to the ground and gives you a tighter, neater joint.

    We advise you lay external slabs on a full bed of sand and wet cement mixed (rather than dot and dab technique) to support the slab throughout the underside. This avoids any weak/pressure points which can lead to cracks in extreme weather conditions.

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  • Do we supply laying patterns?

    We do not supply laying patterns whatsoever unfortunately. The majority of our patio packs are ideally laid in courses, which means each different slab size has one side which is the same length as the others (560mm usually). So the slabs are laid in rows (‘courses’) which are 560mm wide and then the different lengths are alternated randomly. We also do a four size patio pack which is laid completely randomly. Whichever patio pack you use, all slabs are made with dimensions with divisions and multiples of each other so you wouldn’t be forced to make cuts to complete the patio.

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LONG DISTANCE RETURNS – Should you wish to return your order, we must be notified within 14 days from receipt of the goods. The condition should be as sold and the material must be in its original packaging. We can only accept a return of the full consignment. The customer is responsible for arranging for the goods to be returned to our premises at their cost and for ensuring they are suitably packed for transit. If pallets are returned via our courier, the cost of the transportation back to us is still payable by the buyer. Return address will be to our stock yard for which there is a separate address which we will supply. The refund would then be raised on receipt of the material returned, and you are refunded for the cost of the goods only, provided the material is in its original condition. We are unable to accept returns of excess stock/leftovers. We do not cover for consequential loss as a result of any problems associated with a delay in receipt of the goods.


LOCAL RETURNS – We must be notified within 14 days from receipt of the goods. The customer is responsible for arranging a return, and the refund is for the goods only, provided the material is in its original condition, and subject to a 20% restocking charge. We are unable to accept returns of excess stock/leftovers.


DISCLAIMER – It is essential that you bear in mind when choosing your stone that it is a natural product. All images used to advertise are to be used as a guide only and although every attempt has been made to accurately depict each product, it would be impossible to document every colour/fossil/variation in texture that occurs in something which has been quarried from the earth. Natural stone is one of nature’s wonders and you should only buy it if you can appreciate the natural variations that occur. This includes natural fault lines/veins/pits, they are not ‘cracks’. All sizes are given as accurately as possible but slight variations may occur. Symbols are intended as simply rough guides and do not accurately represent the actual product in scale or appearance. For the best impression of the stone you should try to see it in the flesh where possible. Remember, the beauty of natural stone is in the subtle variation and uniqueness of each individual piece. Prices Paving can offer guidance however the suitability of a tile for certain areas of the home is purely at the discretion of the customer.


DAMAGES/BREAKAGES – All goods must be checked upon delivery and any damages notified on the paperwork with the driver. As we use 3rd party couriers to deliver on our behalf, we must also be informed of any breakages within 3 working days of the material being delivered. All reports of damage/ faults or breakages must be supported by photographic evidence (within its original packaging as it arrived). The industry advises that 10% extra is the average that will be wasted for breakages and when making cuts, as all projects will require a certain amount of cuts.

We treat each report of damages separately at our discretion. We ask that you have a tolerance for a small number of breakages to occur in transit. In some cases we may credit for breakages that occur during transit subject to quantity and evidence. We are unable to refund/ replace breakages which equates to less than 10% of the total order. Anything more than 10% may be credited or replaced. The layout which will suit your patio/project must be decided by you and each different environment will affect the amount of cuts and therefore the resulting wastage allowance required. We do not supply any laying patterns. Minimum order is 5m2 unless the material is being collected or you send in your own courier. Minimum order for local deliveries is decided at our discretion. All prices advertised on our associated website and advertisements are subject to change at any time.


DELIVERY TERMS – Long distance deliveries are made using our external courier wagons and our crates are taken off using a tail lift and manual pump truck/trolley.  The price paid covers a curb side delivery. However if a level, hard standing area i.e. tarmac/block paving/driveway is accessible then it may be possible that the delivery can be unloaded onto this area, but this is purely at the drivers discretion.  If you have a loose drive such as gravel/grass/chippings, or if the area is on an incline, the pump truck is unable to move over this surface and the driver would need to leave the delivery at the nearest hard standing area for you – please call if you wish to discuss further.  On the day of delivery please ensure that there is someone at the property all day to accept the delivery as the driver requires a signature to leave the goods for security reasons.  Also, please inform us at the point of placing your order if there are any access restrictions for your property which may hinder the delivery.  This includes any narrow access roads/lanes, low overhead cables or trees and sloped offload areas.  The wagons that the haulage company use vary in size right up to 28 tonne articulated vehicles, deliveries are normally on an 18 tonne vehicle but this is not guaranteed unless a special request is put in for this sized vehicle so please be sure to make us aware of any restrictions for larger vehicles so we can mark this on the delivery booking.  If the driver is unable to deliver because of an access issue, because there is nowhere suitable to offload or because there is no one on site to sign for the goods, there will be a redelivery fee for rearranging the delivery for you.


LAYING YOUR PATIO – Sometimes people choose to have a professional lay their patio however, it is something that you can complete yourself given time. It is advisable to place slabs in their final position before cementing them in place to avoid mistakes later, this is particularly important if you have a complex design.

If you choose to use random sized slabs, start by laying the slabs against your fence, house etc. and work backwards. Place the slabs on a full bed of sand and cement, not the dot and dab method. Fill the gaps using a dry mix of sand and cement or using the old fashioned hand pointing method, which uses wet sand and cement. Laying areas of setts/cobbles can look very effective but requires a little more skill than laying ordinary paving, though the same technique applies. As for maintenance a patio just needs brushing and hosing from time to time. In winter try and use a pressure hose to prevent a build-up of moss, which can become slippery. Some paving slabs are cut with a slightly chamfered edge so that the underside of the slab is slightly smaller than the top of the slab. This is how they were intended to be laid as it allows for more mortar between each slab to help them adhere, and means the joints will be tighter/smaller. There are various compounds available for pointing your slabs. These are easy to use, and they react with the air and set hard.

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